Strip Mall /Intermediate Studio/ .:calvin lu::
Randy Teal

Project timeframe:
Fall 2002

Eugene, OR [map]
As a conceptually oriented studio, a study into the various aspects of why strip malls are considered as such a major detriment to society and the urban fabric led to a reconceptualization of the strip mall vernacular. A few points were identified as the key unchangeable characteristics of a strip mall, which include convenience, vehicular access, and pedestrian access. Despite sprawl causing the third characteristic to suffer, these three characteristics formulate the basic foundation of the strip mall. The first two clearly take precedent over the third and is why strip malls are primarily a sea of parking with economically constructed buildings in the background, as the current site is presently configured.

Conceptual and schematic design:
The primary concern in my project was to resurrect the urban fabric in this section of the city. The buildings were constructed along the street edge, leaving more space for sidewalk and vegetation, while maintaining a street front. The secondary goal was to break down the scale of the parking lot. These two changes naturally made the third characteristic stronger.

Light on dark perspective.