Folded Space /Advanced Media/ .:calvin lu::
Glen Wilcox

3D vector:
3d Studio Max R5

2D vector:
Adobe Illustrator 10
Many places are defined by creating a division between spaces. This project required a division between two spaces using a single folded plane. Experimentation through physical models preceded a computer model of the folded plane. The final product focused on the depiction of sectional qualities and the two spaces.

Conceptual design:
Again deviating from the norm, I explored the ways this method can be employed between vertical spaces and the possible resultant interactions between the spaces. Due to the abstracted qualities of this project, the resulting presentation was to be an abstracted one, with little to no indication from words. Despite the subjective nature of the assignment, the presentation could actually be used in a real project. The technical drawings were done and indicated in such a fashion that the viewer should be able to read it despite the lack of text.

Final Presentation