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Dahlin Group

De Anza Properties

Project completion:

Los Altos, CA

Job Captain

Phases involved:
This project is a podium project with multilevel parking, retail/office, and residential units above and beside the podium. There are six residential unit types not including variations and two separate retail units to be possibly divided at a later date.

The schematic design of this project was done by another firm and was later given to Dahlin for construction documents. Unfortunately, we quickly found that the design development was extremely weak. There were many flaws and quirks that were not worked out as well as they could have. I smoothed out many very fundamental design flaws despite the clients telling us that design development was done.

Honestly, I didn't think much of the schematic design either. Aside from the fact that it's not really my style, the entrance strategy for the office and retail units were extremely weak, the path to the podium level isn't desirable either, and the clustering of the units provide some odd interactions. We didn't have the budget to redesign, but were on damage control most of the way through the project.