Still jetlagged, I woke up very early. The first class wasn't going to start for another few hours, at the Piazza del Campidoglio. I got up and realized Paul was awake as well. We decided to go take a stroll around the city before heading off to class. It was nice and cool outside, and we walked up the street running parallel to the length of Piazza Navona on the west side. At the north end, outside the Piazza, we surveyed some ancient city ruins behind a gate and talked there for a while. We started walking again and were drawn into the Piazza Navona and walked through it, southward. We stopped at a Cafe Lebowski, just two blocks from Piazza Campo de Fiori, where we were staying. Paul ordered a shot of espresso and we stepped out, planning to head back. We were still unfamiliar with the area and decided to backtrack through the Piazza Navona. [story continues...]