Taken by Mr. Chang with the Canon Powershot A80

Okay, I'm sorry. This is one of those pose for the camera shots I dislike so much. I just wanted to show the first SLR I've "worked" with. That is a Nikon EM with a 28-200mm Vivitar lens. I think they got the stock lens with it which was a 50mm prime lens, but I didn't bring it. That camera debuted in 1979 (older than I am) and I believe it was intended for the consumer market as an entry level SLR. There was no way to manually adjust the shutter speed and the aperture was adjusted on the lens...if it had the manual ring. In order to adjust the exposure, I had to adjust the ISO setting relative to my film speed. I used film that was stored up probably for years in a cabinet. ISO800....way more than was necessary.

The photos? They all came back with some red hues in the ocean. It was weird. Not sure if it was the film or the body. Both were pretty old.