In the spring, I wanted to capture some waterfall-type shots and I read that Mt. Diablo had a waterfall trail on its north side. I drove out there and set out, completely unprepared and blind. The trail was still muddy at parts and some streams cut off the trail at several locations. I was able to make it through all the streams with dry feet, thanks in part to a fellow hiker who wore GoreTex hiking boots who let me use his shoulder for stability as I hopped stones across the largest stream. However, the mud was trickier and by the time I got back tot he trail head, my New Balance sneakers were a different shade than when I had started out.

I didn't get good waterfall shots, but I rather like this shot of the green grass and oak trees that I took well under a quarter mile into the hike and before any elevation gain really started. The trail never got close to the main waterfalls and had to use my 200mm to get anywhere close. This was also before I bought my Bogen/Manfotto tripod with a dovetail to stabilize the camera in portrait orientation, so I had to manually hold the camera to prevent it from creeping down. Needless to say, all my shots of the waterfalls were very soft to blurry.