Ugh. I had tried to capture this concept for a long time without any luck. In my major shoot of the place, I kept trying the lowered angle. Tim was also there playing with his new flashgun with a remote trigger. It wasn't until I came back that I realized what I was doing wrong. My angle was far too low. STUPID. Ideally, I would be on the second floor in the building immediately behind me. Well, that and I need to shoot this in the winter on the weekday so that as many windows in the TransAmerica building would be lit.

This was an intensely high traffic area and it really wasn't comfortable shooting there. There was a nice guy who was walking down the street and started talking to me, interested in what I was doing. At one point, someone (hereby known as Thumbuphisass) looking for a taxi stood about ten feet in front of my setup, blocking the perspective. That's fine, I wasn't in a hurry. The guy talking to me nicely asked Thumbuphisass if he would kindly step away and stated that we were trying to capture a shot. Thumbuphisass whipped around like we just punched his mother in the face and started lashing out at the other guy like he was just excoriated or something. He said "don't you talk to me like that" then said how he was so-and-so and how he thought he was so important for the next five minutes. Holy hell, Thumbuphisass needs to pull it out before he gets an aneurism.